Wednesday, April 8, 2009

~What is Lutradur?!~

OK OK , I should have explained but honestly it is all new to me too!
To me it is like a very cool fibrous canvas,
would make great embellishments like grungeboard but in a fabric form.
This is the official information.

Lutradur is a non-woven polyester fabric that is well suited as an art medium. It's lightweight, delicate, and flexible, yet very strong. Lutradur has an open structure and accepts paint, ink, and other media and is delicate enough to filter light.

Due to the random structure of the spun bond fibers, you can create interesting surface textures. Lutradur can be heat set at 300 degrees F.

It can be laminated and lends itself as a sculptural medium due to the simplicity of its structure, color, and presentation.

Decorate it with paint or dye and use it as wrapping paper or to wrap bunches of fresh flowers. Run it through an inkjet printer. Use it as an alternative to canvas. Silk screen on it. Glue it. Cut it--it won't fray. Also used in quilting and other fiber and textile art. It has almost limitless applications.

Definitely check out the book I posted yesterday and the Fiskars chat!
The neat thing about Lutradur is the fabric like quality...for me anyways.
I always love incorporating fabric into my scrapbooking
but it is crinkly and unmanageable at times.
Lutradur is stiffer and easy to use.
Plus you can feel like an artist even without being a painter!
It is about 5.00 a yard but comes in over 70" wide.
Thanks Rebecca for turning me on to a new fun medium!
~Have a great day~


Jocelyn said...

Thanks for posting this girlie, I had no idea what you were talking about!!!! This looks awesome and fun to use!!!

Lisa T. Howard said...

How cool! Loved your project using this new wonder!

Tona said...

Wow! I had never heard of that material before. Would JoAnns carry something like that?
Loved all your projects. I'm going to try to find some of that.

Steph said...

oh, now I wanna check this out. Can we get it at Joann's? Gonna miss the chat, so you'll have to give me the low down tomorrow.

Pinky said...

I have no idea...about Joanns I know it is sold in the arts dept. online??

Ann said...

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Kray said...

You will have to show me this week.

scrappin_mom3 said...

this is awesome Cristal-- I gotta get my hands on some of this to give it a try!!

Michelle said...

Thank you for explaining it to all of us that have not used it before. It sounds like a wonderful product and look forward to trying it myself!