Monday, April 6, 2009

~Mundane Monday!~

Boy is it mundane today!
COOOOLLLLD in fact Freezing, and the forecast calls
for snow! SNOW! I can do nothing but laugh after the
75 degree weekend we had!

OK here it is my Team Jim LO
The challenge was to scrap pictures in the right hand corner
Paint over the title
cover chipboard with newspaper
and use numbers
I felt pretty boxed in but I did it!

This paper is the Prima paper and I LOVE IT! I added all the stickles.

Now back to cleaning for me!
And I need to do 2 more Lo's and an altered item today.
How is your week looking?
~Have a beautiful day~


Heather said...

Love the layout! I just bought those rub ons. Is that stickles on the owls wing? I am going to try to get sone LO's done today. I havent scrapped since the 24th of March!

Pinky said...

I added the stickles myself and the paper came with owls.
I want the Rub-ons too! I love them!
Dang girl get to scrapping!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Great layout. At first, I always balk at challenges that make me feel "boxed in". But after pushing through it...always glad I did. I guess that's why they call them challenges, huh? As I said, you did a fantastic job!

jacque4u2c said...

AWESOME layout!

RecreationalArt said...

That Prima paper is really fun! uggh - housework..I just feel like shopping today!

Heather said...

Now my owls have stickle envy lol. I didnt get any of the paper because our store doesnt have it but I thought the rubons were cute and I think they go pretty good with the Fancy Pants Kraft Kuts paper and punchouts I got recently. I got one layout for a challenge done, and have pictures for 2 more ready to go as soon as I finish my lunch!

Tona said...

When I did the N.W. Paper Chase each store gave out a take & make tag so I'm working on my last tag, (I had 28 to do). I've decided that if i ever do a tag swap, I sure won't lack for inspiration LOl. Also, doing some laundry today & then I'll be outside in the gardens. It's supposed to be around 70 degrees today.
Great layout by the way. I can see why you felt a little boxed in but you did what they asked & it turned out great.

Jocelyn said...

Hey chickie, so glad that you stopped by to say HI!!!!! Missed seeing you over at the Blog!!!1 Love the LO!!!!

Mokihana said...

You just keep gettin' better and better, my friend!

Patti H said...

love your team jim layout!! Rock on!!