Thursday, April 9, 2009

~The Journey~

I will be scarce the next few days, tomorrow I go and pick up my Great friend Aymee in Alabama

I was challenge to do a LO by writing a letter to myself 5 years ago, that happens to be the time I wrote my book out and faced my molesters and abusers, so I wrote a note of strength to myself. If I had only known how hard it would be and what I would face, I might not have done it. I might have given up and who knows.

I know you feel in your heart there are better things to come but right now you are just hanging on for dear life.
I am here to tell you that YES you CAN do it and there are better times ahead.
This next year will be hell, you will feel like dying, you will feel like you cannot face one more second of pain and anguish.
You will wonder why in the hell you ever chose to face your demons and why you chose to put it all out there.
But, I want you to know….It does get better and before it is all said and done you will help others.
Please stay open and please focus on the big picture.
Focus on the fact that you will be a better mother when this is over, focus on the fact that your life will change and you will feel whole.
Go ahead and change, don’t be afraid.
Don’t let those people drag you down and tell you to shut up.
Do not let your family make you feel guilty for exposing them as abusers, they deserve it and you need to be free and listen to me….YOU WILL BE FREE! It will take time but girl, you will be FREE!
Do what you have to do and keep your eye on the goal, take care of those boys.
It will change your life in the end and keep your family protected.
You are so worth it.
I Promise this journey will be worth it.

~Have a great Friday!~


Anonymous said...

Very powerful journaling - love the layout!!

I left you some blog luv on my blog!!

Katamommy said...

Thanks for sharing this with us! You are so talented and very brave. :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This is BEYOND AMAZING!!!!!! Thanks soooooooooooooooooo much for sharing your journey! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Connie said...

hi Pinky-book marked your blog. Love your LO!!

ScrappeeDiane said...

Love the layout, your are very talented. But mostly I love how open and honest you are about the abuse you have endured. I wish you many blessings in your life and may your stories help many people.
Enjoy your time with Amyee :o)

Kristi B. said...

awesome layout! all the elements you chose are gorgeous. Journaling on layouts is so important & you do it so well. I just past on the damask stamp this weekend, but now I have to have it. Have fun with Aymee!

Kray said...

I too, love how open and honest you are about your history. I know you have touched many hearts!

Ziggyeor said...

I love the LO and kudos on the Journaling!

I love the last post too with your FiskaVideo and the extra info.


michele said...

loved reading about the journey! veddy cool LO.

Rox-Ann said...

You are totally amazing girl!! Such a wonderful layout and I am sure it took great strength to face everything you have but you are a wonderful Mother and person because of it!! Beautiful layout!

Lesa said...

Pinky, you rock! Thank you for sharing your heartfelt, real emotions with all of us. I admire your strength of purpose and your bravery. Do what you need to do!
Thank you and stay safe.

Maureen said...

You give me great courage after reading your journaling

Noel said...

I really love your honest letter to yourself 5 years ago Crystal! What a great idea. And the LO itself is really beautiful too! :)