Thursday, April 9, 2009

~Fiskateers and the real story~

I did not post this on the Fiskateer video Blog because I cried when I tried too,
but this is how and why I love being a Fiskateer.
When I became a Fiskateer I had no idea what it was or why,
I just knew I wanted to have supportive people around me wit my crafts and
I had found some real nasty people form the beginning,
but Fiskateers seemed nice.
So I joined up and right away I met nice online friends.
But the real feel of Fiskateers came when I went to my CFD
training in Virginia.
I was so scared, I was so shy then and really so nervous
I almost backed out a couple times but I forced myself to go anyways.
I did not have any idea what to being, I had
never been to a crop much less a class.
So I grabbed my .99 glue stick and took off.
When I arrived the Fiskateers greeted me with open welcome arms
they hugged me and were so kind.
It was amazing.
Wendy Jo did my CFD training and when they
went person to person introducing themselves,
I wanted to sink down and die.
I was so embarrassed.
But I stood up and began, and I was interrupted.
One of the girls said "I have to ask!! WHY is your hair PINK?"
This was the first time I had stood in front of a crowd of strangers and explained.
I explained that I was abused and molested and why I changed my hair
and what it meant to me. I was honest and I cried.
Let, me tell you, those women were so supportive and amazing,
I knew from that second on I was a lifetime Fiskateer!

I know being a Fiskateer mean WAY More than crafting, it was
all about the love and support of your fellow man.
Now that was the craft place for me!
I don't waste time on sites that are negative now.
I stay positive and I share my goals and my scrapping with others.
I stay in positive groups like Treasured, Tally Scrappers, and ScrapFreak.
I will always go to Fiskateer events!
It has honestly changed the way I saw people.

When you grow up being abused and then you are married to a very
bad man who beats you.
I think you have a jaded view of people, but Scrapbooking and Fiskateers
have definitely changed my view on people and it
has made me an outgoing happier person!

That is what I did not get to say in my video.

~Have a beautiful Day~


Amy said...

Very powerful words - but you said it - Im very proud of you!!!!

Jill said...

Thank you for sharing your story.

Jocelyn said...

Love this chickie!!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!!! You are such an inspiration!!!! Have a wonderful Holiday!!!

scrappin_mom3 said...

Great Video-- even if it caught you with your mouth open...LOL...what a wonderful message and you said it so well!!

michele said...

I saw your debut over at Fiskateers and left you love. I know I say it all the time, but you ROCK. I am just so disappointed that i won't be seeing and meeting you next weekend. I'm telling ya...roadtrip in the making.

Melanie Stanczyk said...

Great video!

I'm a fiskateer too! Small world!

Maureen said...

Thanks for sharing your story Pinky. I haven't met you in person but have found great courage and creative inspiration. Hope to meet you in person.