Wednesday, November 26, 2008

~What I worked on WEDNESDAY~

This is what I worked on almost all day yesterday!
Plus uploading 8 videos on how to make it! hehe
I really like how it turned out though and I am going to use it as a Christmas
Book to sit with my snowmen!
It has 8 pages total but I am only showing 3! LOL

It's been a busy week and last night we braved the grocery store.
Oh my Walmart on a Tuesday Before Thanksgiving is a big JOKE!

On a side note I wanted to share what my amazing,
talented son made for me yesterday! LOL
Check out PINK Helmet...Head MOM! Bwhahaha!
And apparently the ONLY think he could think of that he is Thankful SHIRTS!
Cause we roll that way!

~Have a beautiful Day~
~Thank YOU for visiting my blog~


jazsutra said...

Just dropping by to say i so love the album and acrylic LO ure doin at SH!!! and loving your blog..uve got great friends and some warm stuffs to share here that I got teary at some point while reading them,for they are so real.tfs;)

Nikki said...

What a great mini album! I love the pink "helmet" your son drew! so sweet!

Ziggyeor said...

LOL too funny about the thankful letter. Monday I made turkey hands with the kids and had asked them what they were thankful for: Oswald, Jumping, Jump Ropes, Food, Cake, and Birthdays. LOL ya can see the dangers of asking 3 year olds the same question affect the answer of the person next to them!

Cute mini album girl :D That looks to be a fun class.

Meg said...

Love the mini album, it turned out great :)

Anonymous said...

omg, I'd totally thankful for my shirts too! and by that I mean, my shirts that you make me, do you make Justice some shirts too?
oh and the pink material really didn't do well with the sleeves, they kept hanging to my elbows, but the blue one rocks.
so maybe we can just make some straps for the pink one and scratch the little baby sleeves all together. Love you and your shirts.

Pinky said...

Thanks for stopping by Jaz!

Awww Nikki (:

Tina we can change the sleeves.

Anonymous said...

Justice is a cool kid! love him!!!

Liz :) said...

Love the book! Kids are too funny.. just yesterday my daughter brought home a "If I was President" thing... she said.. If I was President I would massage everyone's backs so I can make their day! haha CUTE!

Holly said...

I LOVE your sons picture. I love kids artwork. It's so honest and such a great view into their minds and hearts. I mean, how else would we know how thankful he is for his shirts?

Pinky said...

OMG Liz that is cute!

And Holly girl you cracked me up!

melody said...

whoa chickie..that is one kewl mini album...i wuv it! and that letter is just darlin! how sweet is that!

Kray said...

I so love it! Especially the drawing from your son. I was going through my son's stuff last week to record in an album....he had so many pictures drawn.

He is 19 now and I cherish every picture.

Georgina said...

cute mini Cristal!! but I love the picture and 'thankful' letter the best!! what a cutie your boy is! =)HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Tona said...

Don't you just love the pictures children draw!

Cindy said...

Hey girl!! The blog is looking great! I've awarded you!! Go to my blog and check it out.... Happy Thanksgiving

{raisingAlexis} said...

Love the album!!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family!

RobinV said...

That picture is great. Love your pink helmet ad who isn't Thankful for shirts. lol

Happy Thanksgiving

java diva said...

Pinky, that Christmas book is STUNNING!! I love the colors!
I LOVE the picture he drew! So cute! At least he's grateful for clothing, my 7 year old said he's grateful for at&t. Brother!

KarenB said...

OMG that thankful letter is priceless!!! That would be so awesome scrapped with a pic of just you two!!! Love the mini album as well!!!