Friday, November 28, 2008

~Sleepy Saturday!~

No I am not tired from waking up early and Black Friday Shopping.
Although I did manage to go around 10am to Joanns, where it was STILL packed!
I waited in the fabric cutting line (20 deep) and hubby went to the checkout line (50 deep) and about when I was done he was up front so we met in the middle.
I managed to buy a TON of CRUSHED Velvet Fabric for all the holiday dresses I make! WOOHOO~!
Christmas money!
And I snuck in a new corner rounder actually 2 of them!
The Fiskars squeeze punch and the EK success.

So if you ever wondered the difference between the sizes of the larger Fiskars Corner rounder squeeze punch and the medium EK Success corner rounder punch. Well here is a close up.
But to be fair Fiskars does make a smaller one, BUT not an XL one!
I have a much larger EK success one for my large scallops.
But they all scallop.
Truth me told I just wore out my old EK success corner rounder.

Then I came home and made 3 dresses and scrapped a page!
WOOHOO felt good to scrap let me tell you!Have a wonderful Saturday!


Meg said...

We were at Joanns at 4 pm yesterday and the cutting line was STILL 20 ppl deep. I didnt need any fabric thank goodness.

WOnderful layout! I just love that pic :)

Glad you had a good thanksgiving :)

Jocelyn said...

Love you LO! Just so cute! Wow, JoAnn's was that packed. I have not left the house since Thanksgiving. I did get the tree up yesterday but I am paying for it today! My muscles are so weak, but now I am finished with the big stuff! So we have something else in common, MS and MG are so very much alike! Your Hubby and I know, we have to space things out, but sometimes the mind wants to do but the body can't! Have a great weekend! I got my kit for the page yesterday! Can't wait to get to work on it! Looks YUMMYYYYYYYY!

Adrienne said...

by wore out, do you mean it is not sharp anymore? Did you know you can sharpen your punches by punching through aluminum foil? :D Try it!

Ah man, I think it would be fun to shop on Black Friday, but not with my boyfriend. No way. lol. I need a girl to shop with, i think i twould be much more fun!

Tona said...

I didn't go into town yesterday & don't plan on it today but both Joanns & Michaels are calling my name so I'll probably go in tomorrow.
Loved your layout by the way.

java diva said...

Those crushed velvet dresses sound lovely! I can't wait to see them.

Jocelyn said...

I don't have your email! Email me at so that I know where to send the information for the tutorials for the class!

Misvish / Karin D said...

That is a very nice LO. Glad you're having a good weekend.

melody said...

whoa..gotta love shopping eh!
and that's one kewl lo chickie..awesome design! love how you curled the edges..and nice touch with the stitchin

Holly said...

I missed Black Friday shopping which was way sad for me, but I'm glad you got out to get a few things. I do hate the crowds though. I'm not patient enough to wait in huge lines. Can't wait to see your dresses and this layout is really great.

Jennifer said...

Great teamwork at JoAnn's! Way to go! Love the LO

Southernbelle said...

Ha! Love that photo! That is hilarious! Beautiful LO too gf! Love the pom pom trim and the sewing! I just gotta have a sewing machine so I can do that too. So cute!!! Hope Justice is feeling better too!!!

Kray said...

totally love it! I bought some beads that are similar to the pom poms at walmart...there was about 5 yards that were $4 yard....but I got the whole thing for $1. Whoohoo! I am going to scraplift this idea.

Michelle Lanning said...

Ohh you remind me that I need a new corner rounder -- which one is your fave?

And that layout - it is amazing I love the title work - just awesome!

lizzie said...

wow girlie... great lo!!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome layout !!!!!!!

KarenB said...

Oh wow, I adore this layout!!! So great to see pics of you girls!!!

evafromca said...

I just love this layout!!!! So much fun!!!

scrappin_mom3 said...

Cristal, I love your first DT LO!! It's just great!! I so agree with you about the colors --they do make it look timeless, and that pic just tops it off!! Love those dresses, too!!