Thursday, November 27, 2008

~Have a beautiful Thanksgiving~

A simple but love filled Thanksgiving happened in our home today.
Just me and my boys (includes hubby) and lots, I do mean LOTS of home cooked food!

Some video games and Christmas music while cooking.
Yesterday I spent the entire day baking
Pumpkin Pies
No Bake Cookies
Home Made Bread
Mud Pies
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Just call me Pinky Crocker!~
and this morning I woke up and made the Turkey and all the fixin's.
Thanks to hubby who set the Table and peeled potatoes for me.

It was just a pleasant relaxing day with my family, making new traditions.
And enjoying each other.

My wish for you, is to have a beautiful family (or friend) filled Thanksgiving Day
Thank you for stopping by


Tona said...

Happy Thanksgiving! All of that food looked delicious!! Love those Christmas plates too.

Anonymous said...

The table looks so pretty and yum! Your menu sounds delicious too!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Jillene said...

YUMMY!! I love me some no-bake cookies!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Holly said...

No bake cookies are one of my favorites.

Your table.. and your food... looks wonderful. I hope you had a great day full of family and fun.

So thankful for friends like you.

melody said...

oh YUMMY! HAPPY THANKSGIVING chickie...big hugz

Jocelyn said...

The table is gorgeous and what a wonderful Thanksgiving you must have had!!! Yummy, all those homemade goodies. I on the other hand, was in a burnout, too much food, trying to get everything on the table hot and the cleaning up! So guess what, no Christmas tree going up today, I am so exhausted and my Myasthenia Gravis is kicking my tail! Now on to the next holiday!!!! Have a great weekend!

Stacey said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! That all looks wonderful!!

Jennifer said...

Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Kray said...

I immediately noticed your "no bake cookies"....we call them boiled cookies! They are my faves!!!! Hmm....I think I need to make me some this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Turkey Day girl, sounds like you had a perfect day, yum !! So share the "no bake" cookies thing with us, everyone loves cookies that you dont actually have to bake !! Or at least share them with me, lol .....

java diva said...

No bake cookies are the BEST!!! I always think they look like cowpies, though. Maybe they should be called mud puddles--who cares, just gimme some cookies! LOL

Southernbelle said...

Your table is beautiful! The food looks delish! And I LOVE the snowman bowl!!!!!

Liz :) said...

Yum! Looks great! No bake cookies? I need to know the recipe.. need to know... :)