Monday, January 26, 2015

Art Is Heart Acrylic Mixed Media Clipboard

Hello friends, and welcome Monday (not really LOL)

I have a fun NEW CHA release to share again, a brand new 
Clear Scraps Acrylic Clipboard that I turned into a Mixed Media Art piece 
for my crafting room. Really I just wanted to experiment with some
mediums with the Mascils. 
So I found out that if you want to use water based acrylic crackle paint
which I use reg acrylic paint on acrylic all the time no problem but the 
crackle paint flies off into a million pieces, so you have to seal it when you put it on WET, 
then I added more paint because of all the flaking, but in the end
I love it! :) 
 I did the Bokeh with the Krylon spray paints again only this time I 
did it all on the back in layers! :) 
 Then added the texture to the front and embellishments. 
It's girl and love-y like me...
I love art and everyone who creates it is just beautiful working with
their hands and creativity, so it's all good people!!!

Welcome Monday! :) 

1 comment:

CountryTwinkle said...

Wonderful project! Love the hearts and butterflies.