Saturday, December 17, 2011

~Holiday Fun~

Good morning my crafty friends....
We had a great time last night at the Hobbs home.
We threw a little shindig.
Since we live out in the country and are not really the "cool" kids in town
(not the social-elite or anything) we usually try to have our own little
country Christmas party around this time of year.
We did not think we would be able to have one this year with the
company coming for Thanksgiving and all but we managed to throw
one with a little help from the local families! :)
We did a kids mini party in the back rooms and an adult party
in the front rooms, it was so cute too!
All the moms dressed up and the kids running around. :)
Above are 2 beautiful friends of mine and below my friend
Melissa in her new scarf and festive hat, so cute! :)
We finally finished the house, and had it ready to go
after a day of baking sugar cookies and pies.

Poor Jennifer I caught her in mid chat (sorry Jen) LOL
Everyone had a nice visit until around midnight......
And of course a little White Elephant gift exchange.
Oh and here is Payton...she wanted to go see the birds, and she knew
just who to ask LOL "OH Andrew...." hehehe
Of course he caved and took her in. Her mom said that Andrew would
let her burn down the house and not say a word LOL I think
she is right, he has a soft spot for that child. He always wanted a girl.
Isn't her little outfit to die for?! I love it!!
It was a nice evening, just food, kids, friends, and fun chatter.
I think everyone took a slice of pie or dozen cookies home.
We had 2 friends missing which was sad, but besides that it was fun.

It was nice to see everyone so happy and enjoying the company.
I think it's nice to just enjoy each other sometimes....the only thing
we needed to add was a bonfire! haha

Oh wait, there is still New Years!!!!
Happy Saturday everyone...I am sure I will be sleeping in today!!!


Ziggyeor said...

Thanks for the great time Pinky! Loving my scarf and matching gloves I'm not getting a freezing hand sitting here at the computer tonight! I think I'll wake up around 12 :p

Kray said...

Loved how you decorated your home. It is so cute and festive! Glad everyone had a great time!


Wow your house looks festive, love how you even decorated the tv!! Wow sleeping in what's that?? My body has an internal alarm clock of 5:30a.m

PamS said...

Those cookies look delicious! Your home is very festive looking.

Brenda said...

wow pinky!!! house looks awesome and all those cookies....lady not sure how you do it all! what vitamins are you taking?!

Pinky said...

Haha Brenda, I feel like a mack truck hit me this morning LOL

Kelly Sas said...

Beautiful decorations and cookies! I so want to be your neighbor!