Thursday, December 15, 2011

Clear Scraps & Pink Paislee, Not Just For Crafting Anymore! haha

Good morning and TWEET TWEET from the homestead this morning!

I have a funny story with photos to share today....
We have had one bird for the last few months now her name is Allie,
she is a sweet little thing but really crabby with me LOL
She loves hubby...anyways we decided she needed a friend since
the previous owners accidentally killed her friend Kate a couple years ago.
So off we go into Lascassas in the middle of the night in the rain
(hey that is how we get all our pets in the Hobbs home LOL)
And we picked up this little feller, I named him DUCKY because
well there are many reasons but one was the rain and
he was on Oregon street LOL
Isn't he a doll? I love him and he is supah sweet!
Anyways Allie hated Ducky for the first week, then romance
ensued and they became fast friends. Such fast friends in fact
that she began trying to nest all over my house...
Mainly in my hand made beautiful Pink Paislee Advent Calendar
I made 3 years ago...with paper I can no longer get LOL
A FAST call to hubby and we decided they needed their own next and
they needed to leave my advent calendar alone.
Now enters the Clear Scraps & Pink Paislee to save the day! LOL
The nesting box is completely wood and let's just say birds like to perch
and what comes naturally? POOP hehehe
As I was cleaning up the first nights droppings I had the brilliant idea
to cover the nesting box with a sheet of Clear Scraps acrylic!
ThenI could easily wipe the poo away and keep a tidy home.
So we measured and cut and as I was walking out of the room I saw this
Pink Paislee sheet of it so happens it practically matches
my dishes! LOL Then the ideas started rolling.
Hey if I had it my way
the entire box would be made from paper and acrylic, but we all know
that is not feasible. A girl can dream.
After an hour or so they were already getting everything ready
for their new little home.
It was adorable because Allie was afraid to check it out,
so she called Ducky over and he hesitantly pecked and scanned
the entire box and finally POP he slipped inside.
It was the cutest thing I have ever seen LOL Totally like me and my hubby.
Now they are super happy and I am happy too with the new crafty nest topper.
Aren't they super cute? Isn't the box just fabby?!! I love it!
I could not resist snapping pictures and sharing with y'all today!
Ducky has the yellow face and Allie has the grey face....
I think it will be interesting to see if they have little babies soon.
Even if they don't it's still adorable the way she attacks me as
I walk by LOL not really...

Happy Thursday everyone, thanks for stopping by~



Lucy said...

Adorable! TFS Allie with us :)

PamS said...

Your story put a smile on my face this morning...Merry Christmas.

Kelly Sas said...

Brings back wonderful memories of when we had a Cockatoo - those big white birds with the yellow feathers on top. He was in love with our oldest daughter. Everytime she would go past his room he would screech and do this mating dance - the only time he ever did that one dance of many in his reprator! LOL Birds are wonderful creatures. Oh you would appreciate this Pinky; Tuesday night at the live Nativity at our church I got to hold a 3 wk old pig for a good 20 minutes! I LOVE pigs. He feel asleep in my arms nestled in my coat! Love your bird story today.

Pinky said...

Awww Kelly that is so sweet!

Ziggyeor said...

See that's why I don't like birds! But yours are cute. love the box that was a great idea ;)

Brenda said...

awww soooo sweet Pinky I making me miss my Sherry she got out of her cage when I had her out!

Liz said...

Love your work - and wouldn't mind winning the cart as well !