Thursday, December 8, 2011

~Christmas Is In The Air~

Good morning my friends,
in the midst of the hub bub of the holidays I am still plugging away
at my Christmas cards one at a time LOL

I REALLY hope to actually get handmade cards out this year.....
it might not happen but it's a hope, or as Ken says "fantasy" LOL
This card was made with the incredible Kanban Crafts goodness.
I am so over the top with the vintage loveliness
of Kanban, it is so easy to just bring your A game.
I also wanted to share a gift from my friend Adrienne,
How cool is this iphone cover??
Everyone knows how cookoo I am for Hello Kitty and
this is just the bomb!!!! I am so excited about it.

Ok I am off to create, I am knee deep in CHA projects this week.
I have a giveaway coming up tomorrow, so stay tuned!


Kelly Sas said...

I wish I could find Kanban in some stores because when I went to their website months ago (after you mentioned them) I just wasn't impressed. Just couldn't see the beauty in their pp. Then you go and make these fabulous cards etc. and I LOVE their paper! I don't know if it is their website photography of if it is my lack of imagination?!? Bummer.

Dawnll - Dawn's Craft Place said...

I am loving your vintage designs also-hope your able to get lots out this year.
Oh I love your new cover-how fun is this cover.

Jodi said...

Good Luck girl, I've been able to get mine done each year thanks to my wonderful SU demo...she hosts a class where we do 21 in one night, 3 of each 7 different designs. Your designs are AMAZING, thank you for sharing with us each day!