Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Leather Wrap Bracelet How To

Hey there again,

So most of you know I am not a girly girl, I love jewelry don't get me
wrong but I am covered in tattoos and not really that prissy chick. 

When I found Leather wrap bracelets I realized I could totally
make them myself the size I wanted and incorporate Connie Crystal
crystals into them for a fun look. 
 I love high quality jewelry just on the more trendy rough looking side. :)
 I found some 2MM leather cording, and doubled it to around 2 feet.
You could use longer or shorter, it's whatever you want.
 Tie a knot in the end making a loop to catch the crystal bead.
 Then thread the Connie Crystal crystal bead through,
knotting underneath and on top leaving a little room to slide.
Wrap bracelet around wrist, and simply loop over to catch 
bead and you are set! Easy to wear on wrist, ankle, or even neck, 
Connie Crystal had the perfect accent I wanted. 


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Dawn LL said...

Oh yea baby~ love how you personalized.