Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Fun And New Journeys Begin

Good morning friends,
It is so cold here right now and I am SO ready for it!
I know many hate the cold but we had such a mild winter I am really excited 
about a possibly cold winter with snow. 

We have 5 new babies in the house...
hoping to have them laying BY spring instead of getting them
in spring and waiting until summer. 

This week we begin a study in Nashville for Gage too.....
It's going to be a busy and long week. I wish I could climb into 
bed and wake up Friday! haha
Happy Fall friends, Have a wonderful Monday and be
sure to stop by tomorrow for a Maya Road/Xyron Blog Hop with PRIZES! :) 



Dot said...

Your new babies are so cute!! I hope the trip to Nashville goes well!!

Janis said...

Your little chick-chicks are darling. I haven't had new babies for a long time. I seem to accumulate rescue chickens that nobody wants anymore!! :) They don't lay all that well, but they eat bugs like crazy. Anything that can turn bugs into delicious eggs is wonderful to me. Love my sweet chickens. Good luck with your spring egg project!

And strength to you during your busy and strenuous week!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com