Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Handmade Backpack Tags!!

Hey there friends I have a FUN project today using Creating Made Easy September Kit!
Since it is looking ahead to fall, it's time for back to school so I decided to take the Mini Tree Album included in the September Kit and make backpack tags!

They are actually sealed backpack tags with the HIGH quality Clear Scraps acrylic so they should last all year!
Here is how I made them:

I used two of the pages from the Mini Tree Album for each tag. 
I removed the protective film from both tree pages first. Then I used Green StazOn ink to coat the front of the cover tree, then quickly added a mossy embossing powder. Now embossing acre can  be tricky, you have to go slow and move quickly so it won't completely bend and melt. If it starts bend immediately move heat source underneath or way and carefully bend back but BE CAREFUL it can be hot, no one wants burned fingers. Using rubber tipped tweezers work well. 

After embossing the front of the tree page, take brown and dark green StazOn ink (from stash) and color the INSIDE of the page and outside so you have a heavy brown color for the trunk. 

Cut white or cream paper from cardstock (in stash) trim to fit, and write down BUS # and Name. 
Adhere to INSIDE (non- embossed side) of tree. 

Take clear tree page, adhere edges using clear Beacon adhesive, a little goes a long way and adhere trees together. Clip together to dry for 20 minutes for a long last extra over necessary hold! haha

Unclip, add RED pearls from pearl pen for the apples, then allow to dry 30 minutes. Add keychain through hole. There it is!

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