Wednesday, January 6, 2016

NEW Release! CHA 2016 Embossing Folder Acrylic Box!

Hey there friends, how cool is this Embossing Folder Acrylic Box that 
you can assemble and decorate from Clear Scraps?!
Actually it can hold anything but I made it for Embossing Folders.
 I used the 12" Chevron Mascil from Clear Scraps with graduated Krylon
Paint Colors to paint it, then used an underlay of gold. 
Then I spray painted the flowers to match, it was so much fun to make. 
If it makes the  CHA booth cut, you just might see it there this week!
Happy Hump Day my friends! :) 
Have fun at CHA this year, I am bummed to miss it, but these beautiful
boys of mine, they only have momma so stay home I will be doing! :) 
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Reel Girl said...

Really cute! I will definitely be getting one of these!