Monday, March 2, 2015

Celebrate A Mother's Love

Hey friends, it's time for SPRING to happen and a NEW KIT!
This ones for the mom's whose best was never good enough, and
those who have no family but cling to every ounce of heart they have. 

and amazing Clear Scraps goodness. Everyone always says they
can;t put pink on a boy project....COUGH I beg to differ!!
I love this album full of PINK with my two sweet boys
who are so kind hearted and loving. I am so blessed. 
It was all about celebrating so I decided I would celebrate my love 
and gratefulness for having them in my life. 
I am so blessed to have such sweet boys who love me and
make sure I know they love me and stand by me. 
I can only pray they grow up as sweet as they are now
and helpful to others without anger. 
My heart always hurts thinking of those I have lost and the
family who choose to let their anger lead them away from love.
Beyond my control, I have to focus on the love I have and let
the rest slip away. I have never been happy with the fact I have
no family and I was so abused, I did the best I could my whole
life but sometimes the nest will never be good enough.

Thank you all for supporting me...

1 comment:

Orietta VĂ©lez Dumani said...

I ´m delighted with your boys in pink. Great work!!! I also have two boys I deeply love.:=)