Tuesday, September 25, 2012

~So Proud & Family's Are Sometimes MADE Not Born!~

 Good morning my friends, 

Oh I see it's been nearly a week since I blogged last? Where
does the time go these days? I had a wonderful party this weekend
for my boys and so much going on, it just slipped my mind!

We did have a great week with family and friends though
so it was totally worth it. :)
Crusher story below project....⇓⇓⇓⇓

But first I created this fun little card, for no DT nothing, just me. :) 
I used a mix of old Scraptastic Club Kits, and SRM Stickers.
I really just went with the paper design. I loved the circles and just hand cut 
some circles and distressed them, then I stitched them on the sewing machine.  
Added Washi Tape from the kits, and a bunch of embellishment stickers. 
Just a fun little card. :) 

This weekend we had a lovely weekend with friends. 
Before I start I should preface this story with the fact that we have been
with the same Crushers team for 3 years now. And our coach Kevin is
a fun time! He genuinely cares about our kids. 
We definitely have a misfit team all over the board- we have wonderful children 
some with disabilities, some without but he plays them all the same.
No one sits on the bench the entire game like some other teams do.
They all play and they all get to shine even if they are not the best, 
he pushes them to try it and go for it! 
He reminds me of my husband when he coached. 
Anyways all the parents respect him and we all donated money
for him to get a team logo tattoo.

So after the party hubs and I took him and his wife to get his new tattoo!
Here is my gal Renee tattoo-ing him. I love her. 
 Here it is all done. 
It's so much more than just a baseball tattoo. Just like my Crusher "C" logo. 
It was a lovely evening, the only missing piece was our favorite couple 
Shauna & David. :) Besides that? Totally perfect!

And of course hubby couldn't be left out so he got a "C" on his
ring finger since he cannot wear a wedding ring. That was sweet. :)
Had another huge special moment happen this weekend that I can't share 
just yet, but I feel a layout coming on about it for sure.
Anyways I am off to see a sweet mamacita do her gymnastics. 
Have a wonderful Tuesday! :) 



jacque4u2c said...

Just love the card! Great moments to share too, thanks!!

Kelly Sas said...

Quite the post today. Filed with love and what real love is all about. And then also one of your famous teases. I can't wait to find out what "another huge special moment this weekend" is all about. So happy for you whatever and whenever you have something special happen in your life!