Tuesday, December 14, 2010

~Chicken Update, Christmas Lights, & Giveaway Part Deux~

Good morning my amazingly crafty friends!
It is just freezing here in TN, I mean it's cold even for the chickens.
My boys had a snow day yesterday and drove me crazy because it
was far to cold to even go outside, those poor boys.

I thought today I would share a couple family photos/stories.
A glimpse of my Christmas Lights outside...and maybe even a Christmas GIVEAWAY!
Oh and do not forget about the Gypsy GIVEAWAY HERE courtesy of
Provocraft and the Cricut Circle

First of all my poor sweet chickens, you know chickens are fine
in the cold weather but the most common cause of death
in the cold is dehydration. To prevent this we all work together and take
shifts going out with warm water and changing the water.
*until we can get a water warmer* So I have spent the last few
days changing out water. I was so happy the kids were home to do it yesterday!
Here they are huddled under a heat lamp where
they spend pretty much day and night right now.
It was snowing on Sunday evening and I snapped this picture
it was 40+ MPH wind and -3 wind chill...so the pictures are not
perfect but i have my fingers left LOL
So happy hubby got the lights up before the storm.
You know we live out int he country and NO ONE puts lights
up except for us, but I can't help it. I am sorry but the kids love it
and by golly so do I! :) It might not be practical but it's fun.
I did notice 2 days after we put up lights the neighbor put one net light
on their bush, they have 3 girls I bet they were bugging dad for lights LOL

I had to share this last photo.
We went to a gingerbread house making party on Sunday afternoon
this is what my middle son Justice brought home.
Originally I had thought...well he is more mathematical so maybe the
creative side is with his brother....let me tell you how WRONG I was LOL

He sat me down and said "Momma, I had the PERFECT house, mom it was
so perfect, everything looked awesome...but then the crackers started to break
and I kept breaking cracker after cracker...so I decided...My house was
hit with a HUGE BLIZZARD and it blew the whole house down...
and you know what? A green gummi bear lived inside and he DIED..
see? There he is buried in the snow mom" then he giggled hysterically! LOL

Boys...oh sweet funny boys...they crack me up. I won't ever forget that.

Anyways enough of my gabbing today...are you asleep yet??
I am LOL

I have a fun little giveaway today....
I don't have a picture because I am so tired and it's dark. But it's
a fun little package of embellishments from the
Imaginisce Cottage Christmas line...perfect for Christmas!
Did you see yesterday they were giving away a Cricut Cake?
Better go check it out! :)
Leave a comment here about your Christmas scrapping and on
Friday a random winner will be drawn! :)

Oh and I have been playing with my Imagine so I have projects to
share this week as well! Just get my kids to school and we will be set! *wink*

Ok have a beautiful Tuesday everyone!
~Thank you all for stopping by~
~Love Pinky~


AmyJRockstar said...

Hi Pinky! I haven't been doing any scrapping because I am trying to fill card orders! I'm up to my ears in orders with no little elves to help. :( Also, my Fibro has been flaring up like crazy lately, but at least our weather has been pretty warm really! Hope to win some blog candy. Thanks for the chance!
XO ~ Amy Jo
amyjrockstar@gmail dot com

P.S. That gingerbread story is hilarious! :0)

Becky said...

I can't believe how bad the snow got after we left. Good timing on our part I guess.
LOVE the gingerbread house story. What an imagination!

ruth said...

I have 3 boys (now grown) so I can totally relate to your gingerbread house story! :) I loved reading that!!!

Holiday scrapping...well I dug out some old photos from my childhood Christmases and scrapped a few of those.....so much fun.

Tabitha said...

Funny Gingerbread Story. Gotta love them boys. I have 3 and was watching tv yesterday with them (snow day here too) and was crying cause we were watching the Nanny and how she makes the parents sit on the floor while the kids cry until they fall asleep. I was cuddling with my 13 yr. old. Reminded me of when my boys were young. LOL Not that I need the Nanny, I can handle my own! LOL RE: Christmas scrapping- none, oh how I wish. I am making everyone's presents so I am busy with that. Stop by my blog and have a look. Thanks for a chance to win.

Jocelyn said...

Oh I adore the Gingerbread house story....How creative he is!!

Your lights are just beautiful!!!

Poor Chicks they look so cold!!

I just found a Rooster in our front yard and he does not belong here...we are not allowed to have chickens or roosters in my county!!! He has been hanging around since Friday!!! Now I am a worry wart and have been trying to feed him....Email me and let me know what you think I should do with him...I am so afraid the hunters around here are going to do something to him!!! He is a real sqawker....


Love ya girlie!!!

Ziggyeor said...

Jocelyn - you can probably call an animal remover like you would for skunks or something and they would take it to where he needs to be. Not sure how much that costs you my friend had to have a family of skunks removed from her place.

I made gifts for my stitchy friends yesterday. I had cards made on Sunday. I need to go through and see how many more I need to make!

Melissa said...

LOL! I love your sons gingerbread house and the story behind it! So cute! Sounds like something my 6 year old would come up with!

We are on snow day part 2 here in Michigan and I hear what you are saying...It is only 7 degrees out here right now and with the wind chill it is MINUS 12 degrees. No way can they play outside!


craftymom205 said...

Great story from your son. I haven't been doing much scrapbooking. Trying to get Christmas gifts done.

Scrap Vamp said...

Pinky, your son sounds very imaginative and funny! Great story about the blizzard and the gummy bear! Christmas scrapping is about the same as all my other scrapping. I am so random that I just scrap what I feel like scrapping whether it's Christmas related or not. I sometimes make Christmas cards but this year I have so much other stuff to do that cards have been put on a back burner! Happy Holidays!

Kim. said...

Great photo's. The chickens have the right idea all huddling together lol. The house looks great and your son has a great imagination!!
Kim xXx

Mary Ellyn said...

I started a December Daily album this year with a little twist. Instead of scrapping each day's activities, each day I try to scrap about one thing I love about the season. It has been a lot of fun.

Lesley from WI said...

It is always fun to see your photos and stories. The gingerbread house cracks me up. Yesterday I spent the day trying to get tags made, presents wrapped, etc. My craft room looks like a tornedo hit it and I dread going down there to clean but it needs to be done before the next project is started especially since I cannot find anything!

Brooke said...

Your Christmas lights are so pretty! I loved the gingerbread story. I've been scrapping pictures from the last few years lately, since I just got into scrapping! Hope to scrap some holiday pictures after the holidays :)


Manhattan Mandie said...

Love the pics, Pinky! All of the boys houses were so cute (saw them on FB)! I've been trying to get design team stuff done lately. Can't wait to make a few things just for me :)

Brenda said...

Oh my gosh, I loved the gingerbread story. gotta love them boys! I like how he didn't just give up, but went with it!! Poor gummy man!
Haven't been scrapping, just card making like crazy! And no matter how many you do, it is not enough!!

Carol said...

OMG...I can't even imagine the weather you are having! Living in Texas, 50 degrees is cold to me. Your sons blissard hit house is fantastic. STAY WARM!

I have recently started scrapping again and also new at card making. If you have the time check out my blog.



Melissa D. said...

I'm feeling your pain with the coldness! Much too cold to play outside by us too. I have been scrapping gift tags to glam up the gifts I've wrapped so far! Lots to go still!

NickelNook said...

Good morning Pinky! I really enjoyed your post today...so many chuckles all over the place! Loved your son and his gingerbread house! Love your complaints about your "cold" temperatures! I'm in Canada...your weather is rather balmy! lol Thanks so much for the recipe you shared the other day! I made it and we enjoyed it very much! I'm off to finish a Christmas layout of some photos of my girs when they were little...twenty years ago!...Nancy :o)

PamS said...

I need a heat lamp here like you have for the chickens. It is so cold.
I am trying to do an hour of crafting each day...just for myself and to give me quiet time.

pattyk said...

The water warms sure do help. I have them for my goats and chickens.I love your stories -thanks millierose651@aol.com

Kelly Massman said...

I don't really have time scrap this Christmas!

Dawn said...

Oh I have been so busy BAKING platters and platters of cookies that scrapping has had to take a back burner. I hope to have a little time before we travel for the holidays.
Glad you are keeping the chickens safe, it is hard in the winter to make sure they are taken care of.
How fun that your boys are so creative and hilarious- they are so fun to watch grow aren't they.
I hope you are feeling better and taking care of yourself sweetie?
Hugz to you.

luvmytrucker said...

Cristal I cant get enough of the gingerbread story it is priceless!!!! I love the pictures!

Janelle said...

Your sons Gingerbread house story made me giggle but I can relate as that is what has happened to two Gingerbread Houses that I have tried to make with my two lil girls this year and I would say his story was very creative and that you have nothing to worry about. Perhaps another story for your Mommy Moment book as it is quite a cute one!!! Thanks for the giggle!!! Take care!!!

Lindy said...

Pinky....I like your ligthts. We live in the country too and we are the only ones with lights outside. I'm like you I love them and I don't care that we are the only ones. Take good care of those Chickens. Thanks for the chance. Hugs~Lindy

Bobbi said...

Great photo of the house. Wish I had my lights up but it has been nasty weather since Thanksgiving. We went to a party where they did the gingerbread houses and my DS eat the candy and told me he didn't need a house for his candy because it lived in his tummy:)

JennyKozar said...

Is it weird that I enjoy the chicken update? Anyway, thanks for sharing and the lights look beautiful!

Stephanie said...

I've been making cards, working on word books, and have paint cans waiting to be altered. So much to do yet. Love the gingerbread house story. Those times are definite memory makers you'll treasure even more in years to come.

Lesabe said...

Your poor chickens look so cold =( So far for Christmas I have made all my cards for everyone, and some framed paper crafts. Also I am in the process of making a colts rag quilt for my MIL. =)

jan farnworth said...

so far i made some christmas cards and working on some layouts so i can just put pictures on once they are printed.


joni said...

We're frigid here in MI too... 3 degrees this morning with a high of 17!!! Woohooo..great day to stay inside!! I love that gingerbread house....great story and you're right, you'll never forget it!!! Love the lights!! We don't do lights since nobody can see our house from the road as we live at the end of a culdesac and have lots of trees surrounding our land! Love it!!!!

ShoppingTamii said...

oh my gosh...first I was "awww" -ing over the picture of the chickens keeping warm...but then that gingerbread house story made laugh so hard! Boys, love 'em! (I have two girls, and my baby- 14 yrs - is a boy) Boys have the best imagination! I just love that story!

Heather said...

Love the gingerbread house!
ra6352 (at) gmail (dot) com

Joy said...

Your chickens are adorable! We always buy eggs from a farm down the road from us, and they have free-range chickens. I was watching them one day, and I couldn't believe how cute they were!!! Sorry, I digress, back to Christmas scrapping - uh, haven't done any yet! I need to get started! So your prize will do me good - LOL!

Kras said...

***How creative he is!

Nitasha said...

Love your son's story behind his gingerbread house! Too cute! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

connie said...

I LOVE the gingerbread house! I haven't gotten any scrappin' done but I do have a scrappin' weekend planned in January to scrap.

Kim A. said...

I loved your sons story of the gingerbread house. I so miss having kids at home. The lights turned out beautifully and glad the chickens (and you guys) are keeping warm!!

Kim said...

I live in KY about two hours north of you and it is so funny cause I was doing the same thing the other night. Outside in my gown, in the freezing cold wind with it snowing, taking pictures of the front of our house for my December Daily. I guess great minds think alike!

Tona said...

Brr, for the poor chickens & you all having to go out there to make sure their water doesn't freeze.
So far my only Chriatmas scrappiness has been making Tim's 12 tags of Chriatmas & turning them into cards.

Kathy said...

Love reading your posts! And I love your son's story of his house. It sound like something my son would say! I've scrapped a few picture from my daughter's 4th birthday. I take soo many pictures, but I never have enough time to get them onto layouts. It takes me about 2 hours for each 2-page layout! Thanks for sharing!

Karen AKA Soccerboyzmom said...

Thanks for all your tutorials , tips and tricks.
It's truly a year where I reflect at least I have a job and there is so many others that don't.
I try to do for others when I can but I am single and it's tough sometimes.
It's hard some days but I try to come as much as possible just wanted you to know how inspirational you are to me.
I hope Santa treats you well as you have to others on your giveaways.
Pretty soon with the price of freight there won't be giveaways lol.
I can't believe yet gonna be another postal hike.
I cut down my xmas cards this year.
Just crazy.....
Merry Xmas to you and your family.
Glad the little ones are feeling better

Chris Wooten said...

cute story pinky. got love these younger years. they go very fast. mine are grown and now i am a grandma and it seems like yesterday.


karennarelle said...

My christmas scrapping consists of making some christmas atcs and 3 Kaisercraft multiphoto frames for christmas present!! I better hurry!!

Susan said...

Great story ... what a creative story teller! Love it

Holiday scrapping is on hold. My son is painting my room and he is taking his sweet old time. Hoping to have it back this weekend!

Michelle said...

Oh Pinky, I can empathize with the cold!! Saturday night and Sunday we also had those 40 mph winds.. but our windchills were -25 to -30! High today low teens. We also got hit with 24" of snow and the Metrodome collapsed from it!! We are getting our January weather much earlier... serious cabin fever! I LOVE the gingerbread story!!! What a creative little mind!!! LOL

Brittney said...

Such pretty lights =)

Suzy said...

Incredible pics!!! Gotta love boys and their stories. Thanks for sharing a slice of your life. Happy Holidays!
~Suzy suzyq28024@gmail.com

Betsy said...

I love the story with the house that is too funny!! Haven't really been doing any scrapping, been shopping and cleaning and planning for the holidays....

Pamk said...

lol I giggled at that since I have two boys of my own. And I hope to get one of vacation albums done by the end of the year.

sleeplesswonder said...

Hi Pinky,
I haven't been doing any scrapping, just card making. But I am loving it.
Thanks for the chance to win.

sucor said...

I love the gingerbread house story! Funny and creative! I haven't had time to do any scrapping, I've been making lots of cards instead.
Thanks for the chance to win.

Luv Scrapping Together said...

Hi Pinky! I amnew to your blog and am just amazed. I have done a few this scrappy for Christmas this year. A little home decor and cards. Next year I hope to make all my cards. Thanks for sharing with us.


Kelly Sas said...

So good to be back with a computer and the internet even if I was at Disney World.... I missed your blog posts! Your poor chickens look so sad. Love the story about your son's gingerbread house. You are such a great mom!

Vicki said...

The gingerbread house story sounds like something my son would have made up when he was around 9. Now my grandsons tell me stories. I've made one double page layout this month, there is just so much other stuff to be done. But after Christmas I'll have plenty to scrap.

vwilson577 at yahoo.com

Suzuki said...

Loved the gingerbread story - great imagination!! I've been making a grandkids book for a gal for her mom and also taught a couple of chirstmas card making classes - been having lots of fun!


Nanabells said...

What a great story about the gingerbread house! It has been brrr freezing around here - if this is global warming, I don't want to see global cooling! ha ha I love Christmas and I love scrapping the memories. I'd love to win some stuff to help me along :-) Thanks for the opportunity to win.

scrappin_in_AK said...

LOL - on the gingerbread house - we had one that got knocked over by an earthquake !!
Just finished some Xmas photo shoot pages - for once ds is allowing pics but being goofy

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

I love the story about the gingerbread house...that's hilarious! :D

I would love to have chickens. They're sweet!

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Your lights look great...we put them on the inside of the windows in my house...the roofline is too tall and it's so rainy that I don't even want to think about going on the roof to put them up... love your sons story about his house...very imaginative!!

jonaks said...

I love christmas lights too.