Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cheese Grater Jewelry Holder POPPED!

Hello two days in a row blogging! She is back! :)
I have a project today that really is for any DIYer or crafter who likes to make things as gifts or for themselves. I have seen these Cheese Grater Jewelry holders forever it seems and I really wanted t personalize one for myself. But I wanted it to POP!
So why not add some Clear Scraps goodness to make it an amazing gift. 
Of course you can use any cheese grater, new or old, they are quite inexpensive in fact. I took some spray paints and one of my favorite Clear Scraps Mascils/Stencils, the 6" Groovy Hearts Mascil. Really the 6" stencils fit perfectly on the grater itself making an easy decorating area. 
Once you paint the entire grater, you set the 6" Groovy Hearts mascil on the grater, and use several paints to make it pop with graduated colors. It's easy to place and if you need it held down you can use a glue dot, but I did not need one to create mine. I wanted a pretty base color so I chose teal. 
Because you will be using a metal friendly spray paint, I do suggest a sealer and 24 hours dry time before using or it can be slightly sticky. I believe it is because the paint is a bit thicker with a primer built into the paint before you use it. Also be sure to clean the grater with alcohol a well. 
There are so many Clear Scraps Mascil/stencil designs you really an customize it to any style you like, and the Doily Mascil would make it more vintage style!
I am thinking of making these for  gifts during the holidays, really they would make a fun customized gift you could add a name to as well. 
I hope you enjoyed my project today, it's definitely a great one for kids or anyone who love DIY!
Have a great and crafty hump day friends!!

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Golden Goddess Designs said...

this is just so adorable! great job!